Ganna Sórbat started to play the piano and composing music from the age of seven. During her study at Ukraine’s Kharkov Lyceum of Arts, then Musical College and the University of Arts, Ganna was giving her solo recitals, took part in concerts, international contests and festivals.
Ganna Sórbat has performed as a professional musician (singer, pianist) on world stages with music groups and orchestras throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. These include concerts with the Rolling Stones, George Fenton, Morgan State University Choir, Salt Lake Pops Orchestra, Tommy Tallarico, Russell Brower, Gerard Marino, James Griffiths, Denis Matsuev, Sergey Davydov, Arwa Ahmed, Balqees Ahmed Fathi and the UAE National Symphony Orchestra.
Ganna is an Award-Winning Composer. She has worked at an established studio in Abu Dhabi, composing and arranging music for famous Artists like Mansour Zayed, Maria Nedelkova, scoring music for Film and TV. Sorbat recently co-created a new arrangement of the UAE National Anthem.

Ganna Sórbat is a young, bright and talented composer and musician. She showed a great interest in music from her youth. Her love of arts, serious attitude to music, consistency and great ability to work hard were cultivated by her parents and teachers, and helped Ganna to make progress in musical development and choose her future course in life.
Ganna’s mother Svitlana has a unique, delicate and sensitive soul; her energy and bright positive world-view were shared with her daughter together with love. Ganna’s father Viktor is a man of science, good-natured and open with a determined character, standing at the heart of the family. He put the best qualities of a human being in the development of his children.
A significant role in Ganna’s becoming not only a musician but also a personality was also played by her teachers, when studying at B.N. Liatoshynskyi Kharkov Musical College (2002-2006) and at I.P. Kotlyarevskyi Kharkov State University of Arts (2006-2010) where the future composer mastered the arts of performance, improvisation, composition, harmony, polyphony, solfeggio and instrumentation.

Ganna’s teachers:

In the class of Galina Sapozhnikova (Galya), a talented young composer and performer, young Ganna mastered the basics of composition and improvisation;
Development of Ganna as a composer occurred under the direction of Professor Vladimir Ptushkin, People’s Artist of Ukraine, a remarkable musician, composer and teacher;
During her studies in B.N. Liatoshynskyi Kharkov Musical College, Ganna successfully mastered performing technique and classical forms of piano music through the talented guidance of the wonderful teacher Tatyana Manuilova;
Sórbat was one of many young and talented graduates in the class of composition and instrumentation of Professor Vladimir Zolotukhin, People’s Artist of Ukraine, Master of Music, a great artist and a person with rare gifts at I.P. Kotlyarevskyi Kharkov State University of Arts;
Ganna improved her skills in playing piano with the sensitive teacher and skillful performer Marina Bevz, Professor in the faculty of specialized piano in I.P. Kotlyarevskyi Kharkov State University of Arts;
Sergei Davydov – PhD, teacher, great jazz pianist, composer and organizer of jazz evenings in Kharkov also played a very important role in the further development of the music of the young composer Ganna Sórbat. During Ganna’s studies she attended courses of “Harmony in jazz” and “Improvisation in jazz” by him.

During her study at the I.P. Kotlyarevskyi Kharkov State University of Arts (now – Kharkov National University of Arts), Ganna showed her ability in many musical subjects and actively carried on creative activity. She took part in different concerts conducted on the stages of big and small halls of the Kharkov National University of Arts; she also could be seen in the contests and festivals including the Ukrainian Literary-Musical Contest “The Eighth Note”, Kiev, 2008 and National Festival “Music of the Young”, Kiev, 2011 amongst others.
Stemming from a particular interest in music of the composers of the Romantic Era and in the works of the artists of our era was the Solo Recital of Ganna Sórbat, the program for which included works of A. Arenskyi, F. Amirov, V. Zolotukhin and original music by G. Sórbat. The concert was conducted in the small hall of the Kharkov National University of Arts in March 2009.
One of the great creative achievements of Ganna was the Symphony Poem for Orchestra. This is a piece in the form of a Sonata Allegro with rich melody and harmony and original images.

Participation in the contests and festivals:

• Ukrainian Competition “Young Composers”. The National Union of Composers of Ukraine, Kiev, April 1999 (Laureate Award);
• Ukrainian Children’s Literature – skillful contest “Not in the past but in the future to you, Taras, I go …”, Dnepropetrovsk, April 2001 (Winner);
• Open Russian Festival of classical and contemporary music, Kharkov, May 11-13th, 2001 (Diploma);
• Regional Tour III All-Ukrainian Contest for the best music of young composers and performers “Live Music”, Kharkov, May 14th, 2004 (Winner of the III degree);
• IV International Competition for Young Composers “Maestro”, Simferopol, October 22-24th, 2004 (III Laureate Award in the “Instrumental Music”);
• L.M. Revutskyi Interstate Competition for Young Composers, Chernigov, 2005 (Prize Laureate II);
• Ukrainian Literary-Musical Contest “The Eighth Note”, Kiev, 2008 (Laureate);
• National Festival “Music of the Young”, Kiev, 2011 (Sórbat participated as a composer);
• Music Festival “Fete de la musique”, Abu Dhabi, UAE, June 20th, 2014 (G. Sórbat acted as an organizer, arranger, pianist and vocalist as part of the musical group Crazy Gabanas);
• Music Festival “Musician Day”, Abu Dhabi, UAE, June 13th, 2014 (G. Sórbat acted as an organizer, arranger, pianist and vocalist as part of the musical group Gannamafia)

Many people say that we can amaze and impress, achieve results and create not in words but in deeds. This is indeed my aim.
I sincerely thank my parents and teachers for the high level of professional training as a concert performer, singer, concertmaster, composer, soloist of the chamber ensemble, arranger, teacher and stage director

Ganna Sórbat

Interests: dancing, acting, writing novels, verses and lyrics, reading, screenwriting, directing, going to the theatre and cinema, painting, photographing nature and people, learning languages, playing sports, travelling